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The Drug Testing Place near Marrero, Louisiana

Onsite Drug Testing and Hair Drug Tests

Violent crimes in Marrero, LA, are just about the same as the state average – which is still higher than the national average by a fair amount. But the crime rate per square mile is four and three quarters the state average. A high, concentrated crime rate usually indicates a high level of drug activity. If your business stands a one in 25 chance of being targeted for a crime, The Drug Testing Place believes that your first line of protection is with screening your employees.

The Drug Testing Place offers very comprehensive background checks and fingerprinting services. When combined with employment drug screening, these services push the odds a little more in your favor of being safe for another year. Our on-site drug testing program is available 24 hours a day on-site – so we can cover all your shifts in a convenient on-the-spot service. Or you can opt for our in-house drug and alcohol testing services at our convenient location that features short or no waiting for most test, open doors for walk-ins with no appointment necessary.

Most companies find using our mobile drug testing service both economical and effective. We can perform a saliva drug test, swab drug test, or oral drug test almost anywhere at any time. The Drug Testing Place’s mobile drug tests also include urine analysis and alcohol tests. We are a trusted drug testing company able to perform Department of Transportation drug tests as well as the more complicated hair drug test, which gives a comprehensive, historical look at an individual’s drug abuse history – or it can prove innocence if they are clean.

Drug testing is an important aspect of making a hiring decision, but these days DNA testing is used for much more than just an undeniable paternity test. The Drug Testing Place offers DNA tests that will stand up in court, which can make the difference between winning and losing a liability case.

Drug screening goes beyond just the initial employment drug tests. A proactive stand against drug abuse can help keep drugs out of your business and also show that you are serious about drug safety if an accident or other incident should lead to an enquiry.

The Drug Testing Place is a family owned and operated company that takes drug testing service to the art of perfection without breaking the bank. We are inexpensive, available 24 hours a day, offer the highest quality on-site testing, and have a comprehensive drug test clinic for non-emergency situations.

When it comes to protecting your business, never forget that with The Drug Testing Place… “urine good hands”.

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