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The Drug Testing Place - New Orleans, LA

Mobile Drug Tests and Screenings near New Orleans, Louisiana

Residents of New Orleans, are you a business owner or just someone looking for information, and in need of drug testing? We offer a great variety of services for you take advantage of.

While we are located in Gretna, Louisiana, we have extended our helping hands to areas like New Orleans as well. We are proud to offer services with more than 11 years of experience in business, and excellent customer support.

Our team of portable drug testers is proud to provide a service that is quick, affordable, and readily available. Whether you’re in need of a pre-employment test or DNA test, we have all the tools you need.

Many clients take advantage of our drug testing services. When hiring new people, we understand that you always want to know who they are, especially when they’ll be working directly with customers.

We offer several options in drug testing that include hair urine, saliva, and swap testing. You can also choose from drug tests like hair and alcohol tests as well.

Our pre-employment background tests are essential for hiring new people. Commercial clients want our team of professionals because we guarantee to keep information private at all times.

Background testing can be an excellent way to check the validity of a person's application. You can find things such as arrest records, imprisonment, and other related things.

With our DNA testing, you can expect 99% accuracy. These paternity tests will check for the relation between any two given people, and can also be used in court for parental rights.

Rest assured when you find yourself in need of a mobile drug testing service, The Drug Testing Place is available 24-hours a day. We understand that certain situations require immediate answers, and we are there for you.

Choose our post-employment drug testing after an incident has occurred. These post-drug tests can help save you if legal issues are pursued if an employee was under the influence while working.

Call us today at (504) 662-1133 and learn more about our incredible services. One of our friendly associates will be glad to answer any question you may have and respond to your 24-hour drug test request, immediately.

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