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Drug Testing and Urine Analysis in Gretna, Louisiana

A business cannot afford drug related problems in today’s litigious atmosphere.  One simple and effective way to put a buffer between you and potential law suits is employment drug screening for both existing and prospective employees. Many insurance programs offer discounts for an aggressive drug testing program, but partnering with a high quality drug testing company like The Drug Testing Place can provide peace of mind that is far more valuable than insurance discounts.

Most companies send their employees to a drug test clinic. We do that too, but we also offer the convenience of on-site drug testing. The Drug Testing Place offers a mobile drug testing process that makes employee testing easy and convenient. In some cases, pre-employment drug screening of a group of new employees can be conducted right at your location when tied to a training program. On-site employee drug tests, when tied to our background checks and fingerprinting services, is more convenient, less expensive, and much faster than scheduling employment drug tests at our offices. But if you prefer off-site, we have two locations conveniently located on the corner of Belle Chasse Highway and Lapalco Blvd. by The Karate Place across from Hooters or our second location: 1409 W Tunnel Blvd., Houma.

We offer a full range of tests: saliva drug test, swab drug test, urine analysis or oral drug test, and we are a certified collector for the required tests for the Department of Transportation.  We do DNA screening with results that are admissible in court for paternity testing. When the case is super critical, we offer hair drug testing. This is an intense test that shows drug use over time and the results are almost always unbeatable.

There are times, too, when greater measures are required. If you suspect a drug problem in the workplace, The Drug Testing Place has professional K-9 drug search teams that can perform locker checks, be part of a baggage check program, or sniff out problems with shipping.

It is almost automatic to request alcohol test if you have a driver involved in an accident. This is just good common sense when you are trying to protect your business. The Drug Testing Place can be on-hand with 24-hour emergency service with our mobile drug test program when it isn’t timely to send your employee to one of our two labs for complete drug testing service. Our office locations feature short or no waiting times for most tests, walk-ins are welcomed with no appointment necessary, but for right now, on the spot testing nothing beats The Drug Testing Place’s mobile operations.

We are family owned and operated and treat your testing needs with the same care and dedication that we apply to our own employees. We do all this and we are still the most economical testing service in the area. Never forget that with The Drug Testing Place… “urine good hands”.

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