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The Drug Testing Place - Venice, LA

Urine Analysis and Fingerprinting near Venice, Louisiana

Our family owned and operated business is located in Gretna, Louisiana, but we have extended our mobile drug testing services to Venice as well. Whether you’re an employer or just someone looking for information, we are the place for you.

As a 24-hour mobile drug testing service, we offer our clients a piece of mind. Our variety of services includes drug, urine, swab, and as well as pregnancy tests.

Many business owners choose our professionals at The Drug Testing Place because we guarantee to keep our information private, and we’re readily available. If you are a business that requires routine drug testing, we will be glad to help you.

With pre-employment screening, we understand that you want to know who you are hiring; especially those who will be working with your clients. We offer a variety of options that include on-site drug testing, background checks, swab drug testing and much more.

Post-accident drug and alcohol testing is also an excellent precautionary step to take, after a work related incident. We can do a hair drug test or urine drug test to meet your specific needs.

Other services that we offer include DNA testing. This particular test can be used to verify 99% accuracy and establish paternity rights. These tests can be used in court over parental guardianship and proof of DNA match.

Rest assured when you are looking for either mobile or on-site drug testing; we are the team for the job. Offering the premiere choice in baggage checks, hair drug testing, and background check services you will always be satisfied.

Call us today at (504) 662-1133 to request your 24-hour paternity or drug test right away. Ask about our background checks and drug testing clinic.

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