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The Drug Testing Place

Drug and Alcohol Testing in Gretna, Louisiana

The Drug Testing Place is a full service drug screening company in Gretna, Louisiana. We provide mobile drug test services to the greater Gretna, New Orleans and Metairie, LA, area. Whether you are looking for a group or individual screening; surprise or scheduled we are here for you.

Offering much more than drug screening we also are able to provide fingerprinting as well as extensive background checks.

Urine Good Hands!

Our drug and alcohol screening can be utilized for pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable cause, random, follow-up testing, testing for behavior health companies, pain management companies, construction companies, as well as for suspicion on the job or in the home. Our drug testing professionals provide 24 hour screening services for the most accurate results.

We are able to provide numerous drug testing methods to best suit every need.  

More than just urine analysis we also provide oral drug testing (swab tests) and hair drug tests. Hair follicle tests are the most intense. It traces the longest time period of the patient, revealing drug usage longer than other testing methods.

Swab testing is one of the most recognized drug tests in the industry. Oral drug tests are the most preferred test by courts and government agencies. Saliva drug tests are able to pick up usage past what urine analysis display.  

Last but certainly not least; standard urine drug tests are still the most common testing method. Highly effective and accurate these tests are perfect for pre-employment screening as well as post-accident drug testing. Whether you would like to have a random employee test, have a schedule screening or would like to test your friends or family our fleet and equipment is designed to keep your samples safe from spills as well as tampering.

Our drug and alcohol tests are used for a wide variety of purposes. We also offer paternity testing starting at $199. 

We offer some of the most comprehensive pre-employment services in the greater Gretna, New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana. Business owners, H.R. and employment recruiters who want to know who they are hiring can count on The Drug Testing Place for some of the most extensive background checks.

Even if you have a new hire and would like to know more about their past you can rely on us. 

We have been in business 10 years, with 20+ years of experience. If you would like more information on drug testing or background checks call us today at - (504) 662-1133. We currently perform collections for all major laboratories and consortium's, including but not limited to DISA, Inc, Alere, Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL), Drugscan, Labcorp, MedTox, Omega, Pipeline Consortium, Psychemedics, Quest Diagnostics and United States Drug Testing Laboratories (USDTL). 

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