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The Drug Testing Place near Harvey, Louisiana |Mobile Drug Testing and Background Checks

Harvey, Louisiana is not what you would consider a low crime area. With three and half times the number of crimes per square mile than either the national average or the state average, Harvey residents stand a one in 163 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. You have a one in 26 chance of becoming a victim in a property crime. Depending on your perspective, the odds are either in your favor or against your business for becoming a statistic.

Pre-employment screening is not a luxury in Harvey; it is as important as the alarm on your door or the lock on your safe. The Drug Testing Place does not consider your company’s safety a light responsibility, especially since property crimes can easily turn into violent crimes. We offer comprehensive background checks tied to fingerprinting that are designed to give you advanced warning if you are about to hire someone with a propensity to crime.

Our employment drug screening will help you weed out those who may appear to be reliable but who are hiding a potentially dangerous habit. A drug testing company can help identify people who may have an issue with substances. It is better to know in advance if someone who has access to company vehicles or sensitive records has an issue than to learn it from a police alcohol test or incident report. The Drug Testing Place is not saying that Harvey is the drug or crime capital of the world, but it does have its challenges and your business cannot afford to be caught up in employee drug issues.